Is Someone Secretly
or "WATCHING" You?
The Eavesdropper
Listen to the Eavesdropper!

AMAZING Combination Bug Detector DOES IT ALL!

TWO Fantastic Eavesdropping Detection Devices in ONE. The versatile MCD-22H quickly detects and locates the latest types of Telephone Transmitters and Room Bugs, Hidden Tracking Devices, Video Cameras (Spy-Cams) and the devastating "Infinity" Tap which easily allws the Eavesdropper to secretly monitor your conversations from literally anywhere in the world. Exclusive detection circuitry and Super-Sensitive Digital Headphones actually let you "Listen-In" to everything that the Eavesdropper is monitoring. Internally concealed antenna.

Frequency Detection Range: Now upgraded to 9 GHz
Regularly $350 but See Super Special Discount

We are the largest manufacturer in the United States devoted exclusively to Counter Surveillance Equipment. Our Detectors have been purchased by:

Government and Fortune 500 Clients
As seen on Google, MSN, Yahoo! and AOL
Our Most Popular Professional Counter-Surveillance Package

Includes the SBD-5H, DET-2 and CSD-21 in an attractive High Quality Attache Case. Whether you simply require complete privacy in all your communications, or you intend to enter the fascinating field of Counter Surveillance, the CS-Pro25 will prove ideal. This is an exciting, immensely interesting industry that you can enter with a relatively small investment. Doing "sweeps" on a Part Time or Full Time basis will provide an excellent income and great satisfaction.


Every newspaper, magazine, radio and TV report discussing some new episode involving bugging devices continues to increase the ever-growing demand for this service. This has created a very attractive opportunity where sweep rates exceeding $250 per hour are now considered reasonable and appropriate.

The average fee for "debugging" a single telephone is now over $200. It requires about 45 minutes to complete the job and once it gets around that you can provide this service, you'll quickly have more clients than you can handle.

Regularly $1395

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