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How Can I Be Sure My Telephone Isn't Tapped?

We hear this question at least 10 times a day. Our standard answer is "Eavesdropping has now become so widespread that if you have any confidential information that could, in any way, be of interest or profitable to another party . . . you can be almost certain that someone is at the very least monitoring your telephone conversations".

Plug Bug

Did you know that today's eavesdropper can now "Listen-In" to your room conversations from truly incredible distances? That innocent looking Electric Outlet at the base of the wall can actually be picking up and transmitting every word . . . and every whisper . . . of your most private conversations. And, that harmless looking lamp can be hiding a Miniature Eavesdropping Device that is revealing your most confidential discussions, or leaking out valuable information to unscrupulous individuals.

It's also now possible to tap your telephone so that a receiver placed in the trunk of a car parked 4 blocks away from your home will automatically start a recorder whenever your telephone is picked up . . . record your entire telephone conversation . . . then automatically turn off the recorder when you hang up.

Another device picks up even whispered conversations in a room (and without your telephone ringing), transmits all speech and sounds down the telephone line to the eavesdropper . . . WITH YOUR TELEPHONE STILL REMAINING ON THE HOOK!

And, the Eavesdropper can safely do his monitoring from any handy telephone . . . quite literally from anywhere in the world! He simply dials your telephone number and using a variety of electronic means, prevents your phone from ringing and then is able to LISTEN-IN to everything that occurs on your premises. And, rather unbelievably, the use of this particular device has now become extremely common. This device and many more are described in detail in our catalog which accompanies all our products.

In spite of government attempts at curbing eavesdropping, advertisements in national magazines with circulation in the millions continue to offer clandestine Listening Devices to the public in a variety of forms. By their own admission, firms have admitted to selling literally thousands of these devices. Local, state and federal governments are themselves spending almost 10 times the amount spent just a short time ago on surveillance equipment. In fact, government agencies seem far more interested in mastering eavesdropping techniques than in protecting the public from these insidious invasions of privacy.

It's easy to see that George Orwell was right on the mark. "1984" has indeed arrived! And, it is every bit as invasive and threatening to our privacy and freedom as he so accurately forecasted.

But, it does no good to hide one's head in the sand and hope that this threat will somehow disappear. Because it won't . . . it will only increase, expand and grow ever more intrusive.

However, you are not without a defense against this "Electronic Invasion". On this website, you will find complete descriptive literature showing the very latest in Electronic Counter-Surveillance Equipment.

Our extremely sensitive Electronic Bug Detectors quickly detect and locate all the latest Electronic Eavesdropping Devices now in use. This includes the most sophisticated types of devices which even now can be clearly monitoring your most private (room and telephone) conversations from the truly incredible distances discussed elsewhere on this site.


He can be anyone! And, he doesn't need to spend a fortune for bugging devices. Nor is any specific electronic knowledge or expertise required. In many cases, he doesn't even have to actually gain access to your premises. And yet, his invasion of your privacy can cause untold damage to you, your family, your home, and your business.

Remember, it is YOU who must protect your own privacy because, very simply . . .



Although telephone "taps" and room "bugs" were widely used by everyone from government agencies to organized crime for many years, prior to 1960 the general public paid very little attention to Electronic Eavesdropping. This complacency was shattered when U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge revealed the existence of a very sophisticated microphone used by the Soviet Union to spy on our Ambassador to the USSR. The microphone actually consisted of a resonant chamber installed in the Great Seal of the United States which was hung directly in the Ambassador's office.

This resonant chamber acted as a diaphragm that vibrated in response to the spoken voices in the area. These vibrations were then monitored via an ultra-high frequency beam transmitted from, and received by, a van parked near the building.

The worldwide publicity that this story received was quickly followed by articles in virtually every major publication detailing various acts of Electronic Surveillance committed by everyone from government agencies and Fortune 500 companies to jealous husbands and suspicious wives.

The almost unbelievable extent of this Eavesdropping quickly led to legislation designed to eliminate it. Unfortunately, the legislation appears to have done very little (as with the narcotics laws) to actually reduce the number of bugs getting in to hands of unprincipled individuals that are only too anxious to employ them for a variety of motives.

In fact, so many Eavesdropping devices have been sold that competition has presently driven the prices down to incredibly low levels. Bugs formerly sold for hundreds of dollars each are now available for only fractions of that amount. Even Police-Grade Eavesdropping Devices have been sold for as little as $30.

The point is that "bugging" equipment is easily available. And, it is obviously popular enough to support a number of individuals and companies. One firm alone has referred to its "thousands of satisfied customers" over many years of "service".

When you add to these commercial outlets the many current underground sources and the amount being employed by various government agencies, you can easily see that enormous numbers of Electronic Eavesdropping Devices are in existence.

It's a pretty safe bet that very few of them are sitting in a drawer or closed unused.

A leading debugging expert once said "I can't drive more than 4 blocks in any direction in midtown Manhattan without picking up an eavesdropping device.

This was not an idle boast. And, this insidious invasion of privacy is by no means limited to large population centers. Much of the interest in these devices comes from relatively small towns and cities with populations under 30,000. As you read this, countless individuals and firms are being enormously damaged by having their private conversations overheard, monitored and recorded. And, this includes having their fax and computer transmissions intercepted.

And, almost without exception and AFTER the fact, the victims invariably make a statement along the lines of