The Bugs and Taps That Eavesdroppers
Currently Use To "Listen-IN" on YOU!


Over the years many of the devices shown below have been openly sold to the general public by a number of firms, with one firm alone boasting of the many "thousands of satisfied customers" it has served.

The most common Eavesdropping Transmitters (telephone and room type) were originally designed to be operated in or near the standard FM broadcast band of 88 - 108MHz. However, in order to lessen the possibility of inadvertent discovery, current eavesdroppers now use frequencies that are either above or below the standard band.

A number of commercially available transmitters will adjust their transmitting frequency just off each end of the standard band so that frequencies between 78 - 88MHz and 108 - 118MHz may also be used. On the high end, the transmitters broadcast directly on many aircraft frequencies. On the low end they may be picked up on standard television receivers. A large number were made to operate in the 150 - 475MHz area.

And, the latest Eavesdropping Transmitters now use the higher frequencies above 3 GHZ.

These extremely high frequencies provide considerably less chance of detection during Counter-Surveillance "sweeps" that are performed with oudtated, low-frequency equipment.

To conserve battery power, some transmitters are voice activated and start transmitting automatically when sounds or conversations begin and turn off when sounds cease. Many Telephone Transmitters start when the telephone is picked up and turn off when the telephone is hung up.

Of course, any conversation that can be monitored can also be recorded. The recording may be done manually or automatically through the use of "carrier switches" that start and stop the recorder whenever the eavesdropping transmitter turns on and off. The receiver-recorder may be placed in the trunk of an auto located a considerable distance from the actual site being monitored. In this manner the Eavesdropper need only return to the auto periodically to replace tapes.


NOTE *** Our Counter-Surveillance Equipment
will quickly detect and locate
ALL of the following devices!



Concealed Wall Plug TransmitterThis ingeniously designed device is actually a very sensitive room transmitter that will easily pick up and transmit all sounds and conversations in a 20' x 20' room. Unit is built into a standard wall plug available at any hardware or department store. The 3 sockets are working sockets and except for a small pinhole to expose the microphone, it is virtually impossible to differentiate from the standard wall plug without disassembling the device.



Concealed 6 Socket Plug TransmitterUtilizes the same basic circuitry as the previous unit and has about the same operating characteristics. All six sockets are also "live" operational sockets and this unit also cannot be exposed by external visual examination. The extra space available in this larger configuration allows additional stages of amplification and some units deliver a slightly better range that the 3 socket unit. However, range is still rather limited, again due to the absence of an antenna and few units exceed 250' in transmission range even under ideal conditions



Concealed Wall Outlet TransmitterSimilar excellent quality sound pick-up and operating characteristics as provided by the previous units with one very important exception. The concealed nature of this unit makes possible the addition of an antenna approximately 3' long depending upon operating frequency. Flexible wire antenna is usually extended between the building studs and taped or tacked along the inside of the wall.

The antenna greatly extends the range and some units can exceed 1,500'. The circuitry is mounted on the back of the unit and is easily distinguished from the standard unit once visually examined.



Concealed Lamp TransmitterExhibits the same basic operating characteristics as the concealed Wall Outlet Transmitter. However, unit requires no installation and can be placed in a room or removed as easily as plugging in the lamp. Antenna usually is concealed in lamp, lamp shade or third wire in extension cord. Installation has been known to be accomplished very easily via the ruse. Unit has usually been designed to transmit only when light is turned on, but is also available in a constantly on mode whenever lamp is plugged in Variations of this device can also be concealed in radios and TVs. Range can also exceed 1,500'.



Bumper Beeper Tracking DeviceUsed for following and tracking automobiles without being observed. Size varies form 1" x 2" to 3" x 5" with the larger units providing superior range. Requires an antenna for maximum range and will provide directional information up to ranges exceeding 5 miles. Frequencies vary with individual manufacturers. Standard broadcast FM frequencies are extremely uncommon, but not unheard of. When tracking a moving auto, two tracking autos are usually preferred for most precise triangulation.

Bumper-beepers prove extremely effective when tracking an auto through heavy traffic or when the subject is aware of the possibility of being followed. The unit is attached to the underside of the vehicle using magnets or a strong two-sided adhesive material. The inside of the bumper has proven ideal for concealment, since even auto mechanics seldom have cause to check that area. Since most legislation is directed at the intereception of oral or data communications, the use of this device appears to have been completely overlooked.


SPECIAL NOTE *** Computer-age technology now makes it possible to track (follow) automobiles using GPS satellite systems for reception of bumper-beeper and other types of tracking transmitters allowing for "real time" or stored information. Recently the price of these devices has been greatly reduced, and these price reductions have now put them in the hands of thousands of individuals and firms. And, the very latest devices currently in development by government and private industry now use ultra-long range Bar Code Readers to track automobiles, various objects and even individuals. This newest technology will, within the next few years, make "beeper" type transmissions completely obsolete.


Body-Wire Transmitter This unit, also known as a "WIRE", is most frequently utilized by law enforcement agencies to obtain virtually irrefutable evidence. Also used by private individuals and firms, since the use of this unit does not violate most state and federal statutes pertaining to surreptitious interception. The nature of the configuration of the device, in that the wearer must be a party to the conversation, precludes the bugging aspects. However, when three or more parties are present with only one party being aware of the presence of the body transmitter, the surreptitious aspects are again open to question and interpretation. Price, range and quality of sound pick-up vary greatly with a large number of manufacturers now producing the unit for government agencies. Size varies from about 2" x 3" to 3" x 6". Transmitting range between 300' and 2,000' depending upon terrain and quality of unit and receiver. A variety of transmitting frequencies are available and utilized.



Automatic Telephone Recording DeviceAvailable from a number of firms due to its many legitimate uses, this simple little device is popular with the less sophisticated eavesdropper. It automatically starts a recorder whenever the telephone is picked up, records both sides of the conversation and then automatically stops the recorder when the telephone is hung up. Devices vary in complexity from simple "drop-out" relays to completely transistorized circuitry and combinations of both. Approximate size varies from 1" x 1" to 2" x 3". Most units have 4 wires leaving the unit with 2 wires going to the mike (or auxiliary) input of the recorder and 2 wires going to the red and green telephone wires. Connects in parallel across the wires and no disconnecting of the phone line is necessary. Also available with a modular plug for direct connection into the phone jack.



Series Telephone TransmitterTransmits both sides of any telephone conversation to a receiver within 100' to 500' depending on the terrain and quality of receiver. They are "parasitic" type devices in that they actually take power from the phone line and no type of battery or electric power is required. The unit is only active when the telephone is in use and usually loads the line very little when not in use, thus considerable lessening the possibility of inadvertent detection by the phone company. Approximate size 1" x 1" with 2 wires leaving the unit and one additional wire if an antenna is used. Connected in "series" anywhere along the telephone line. Red or green wire must be disconnected at some point and the device is connected across the open wires. May also be installed in the telephone itself, but this usually considerably limits the range.



Parallel Telephone TransmitterTransmits both sides of any telephone conversation to a receiver within 200' to 1,000' depending on terrain and quality of receiver. Requires external battery power and in rare cases may be wired directly into an AC source. Unit remains constantly on and consequently is some- what easier to detect. If battery powered, unit requires regular replacement of batteries. Occasionally provided with alligator clips for ease of connection. Approximate size is 1" x 2" and usually has batteries directly attached to unit. It is connected directly across the red and green wires and does not require the disconnection of any phone wires. May also have an antenna le



Modular Jack Telephone TransmitterThis rather ingenious little device has been manufactured and sold nationally in kit form (by dealers obviously completely ignorant of the strict federal laws which bar not only the sale, but also the mere possession of audio eavesdropping "components"). It has also been offered completely assembled. Range is surprisingly good since some units are internally wired to utilize a third telephone wire as an antenna. Range can exceed 1,000' with a good receiver. Unit is simply inserted in existing telephone jack and rarely is the extra jack (splitter) noticed.


Now we come to the MOST DEVASTATING and most commonly used Eavesdropping Device!


While mostindividuals are somewhat guarded in their telephone conversations, they still rather naively feel secure in the "privacy" of their own home or office. And, that definitely makes this "bug" the one to fear most! Not only because of its capability, but due to the large number now in the hands of government agencies, professional industrial spies, unscrupulous business competitors and private individuals.

Also referred to in various configurations as "Hookswitch" bypass, "Third Wire" tap, "Harmonica Bug", etc. They all have basically the very same function . . . to intercept all conversations in the vicinity of the telephone instrument or wherever the unit is installed. The "INFINITY" Transmitter transforms any telephone into a sensitive "Bug" that will actually pick up all sounds and conversations within a 400 square foot area . . .


The Infinity TransmitterThe Eavesdropper simply calls the telephone number of the victim and remotely activates the device before the telephone rings. Constantly updated over the past 30 years, this device most often requires introduction of a particular frequency tone, combination of tones, or external voltage (requiring no ring) introduced into the telephone line to trigger the unit.

The unit can be hidden directly inside the telephone or anywhere along the line on the premises. Size varies from 1" x 2" to 2" x 3" with either 2 or 4 wires leaving the unit depending upon function. It may use the actual telephone microphone to pick up the sounds or an external mike of greater sensitivity. It has been disguised in any number of ways and its use is only limited by the
ingenuity of the Eavesdropper. Because of its devastating capability, this device has definitely become the "BUG OF CHOICE".

This devastating Listening Device doesn't require an initial telephone ring, but some older devices frequently fail to trigger the unit before the first ring and when the phone inadvertently rings, the Eavesdropper usually feigns a wrong number.

After the victim hangs up, the "INFINITY" Transmitter is then automatically activated. There is absolutely no range restriction and all room sounds and conversations can be monitored and/or recorded from literally ANY DIRECT DIALING TELEPHONE IN THE WORLD.

Roving Cell Phone Bugs


The very latest development in this device (known as the "Stealth" or "Roving" bug) now operates on CELL PHONES without placing anything in your Phone and without the Eavesdropper ever requiring access to your Phone. It's a software program offered openly on the Internet and has proven so popular that it has already been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times.